Photos of terrified people freaking out in a spook-house


should be called “everybody conga!”


These are always great, but this one remains on of my favorites:


It’s the Conga of Terror!


“Dude, is that my car coming at us?”…Ashton Kutcher, (third from left).

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Apparently one of the fundamental human reactions is to grab and hang on to the nearest person in a frightening situation.

Maybe it’s a “lets all stick together, don’t leave me behind” mentality?

Man, I can remember going to this place as a teen (it was the thing to do) back when it was in Maple Leaf Village. It seemed much lamer back then, just employees reaching out to grab you in the dark. But, yeah, we’d go there with girls for this “grab and hang on” reason…

Isn’t that Wired link from last Halloween? Where’s this year’s set?

I have a theory that overreacting is somehow triggered by some form of a peer pressure.

There is no real reason for this silly over the top reactions particularly when you know you are going to scared.

Sure a jump scare will make you scream and jump, but the over the top flailing about and hugging each other is some kind of subliminal acting people are taking part in.

that or a “maybe if the dangerous animal is gorged on my friend it’d be too bloated to kill me!” mentality.

Pretty great photoshop disaster on this page of that site.

I so wish I knew what the big deal is - but not badly enough to drive 24 hours.

Spoiler, answer here:

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Yep. Calling them “terrified” is likely a bit of an exaggeration in this context.

Always bring a slower friend into the woods with you, that way you don’t have to outrun the bear, just your friend. :smile:

Maybe the scared reactions are in response to their photoshop skills?

There’s a pretty awesome haunted house (or as the Japanese call it a “ghost house”) in a theme park called Fuji-Q-Highlands. I won’t spoil the surprise in case you eventually go there, but the “scare photo” happens somewhere towards the beginning, doesn’t involve people chasing you and universally gets an awesome photo. The building is the size of a warehouse and setup to look like an abandoned hospital. Spoopy.

If you’re in Tokyo it’s a good day out where you can see Mt. Fuji (from the comfort of a roller coaster). You can buy tickets for the park and a return bus from Shinjuku.

What is it that they see that scares them? Well that’s a good question. What scares you? While you are standing in line they do a brain scan of everyone, then they have the people who are scared of the same thing go through together (that is why you see various groups of people who don’t look related, same sex, etc)

Then they provide for those people the EXACT thing that they are most afraid of. So for a lot of people it’s Public Speaking. The lights come on and they are in front of a crowd and a direct says, 'You’re on! 20,000 people want you to talk! Now!"

For a lot of people it is being hit by a car. Those are the easy photos to get and they are mostly shown here. But some of the others give you a much more existential fear. So for example, for a number of Right Wing Republicans’ It’s a Black Liberal President who is going to take their guns. They have a person dressed up as Obama jump out and say, “I’m coming for your guns, and white women! I’m going to make you buy health insurance!”

For Progressives it’s, a guy dressed up like Dick Cheney jumps out at you holding his old heart in his hand and saying, “I’m never leaving! I’m still running the Government! I’m going to take away MORE of your rights! Sarah Palin for President!”

And if any .01 % ever attended (they don’t) They have a woman dressed up like Elisabeth Warren jump out, "I’m going to make you pay Eisenhower rate taxes! And take big money out of campaign finances.


Linked to in the post - they post a photo of the day as well as video now.

two girls one cup?