Phrenology of Barack Obama's head reveals mind control connection to Nazi Occult, MKULTRA, Satan

Thanks, Obama.

Not my blurb, my cheap-skate publisher POS’d that one. It ain’t me babe. I’m stuck here in Burma, since the IRS got my passport revoked (Yes he CAN and Yes he DID), waiting for my next $3 royalty check. Putin. haha.


Perhaps the ultimate explanation of Trump’s “hair” is his fear of what phrenologists might deduce from his cranium if sufficiently exposed?


Jimmy Kimmel: Are you punking America again?

I wouldn’t be surprised…

Actually, it may be too smart for Jimmy. This is some great and very subtle satire. I like it.

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Then you might also like this one: The book is called “Holder’s Hero”

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The Author’s name is an anagram of ‘Nab Mass Ego’. Creepy cool.


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