Phrenology of Barack Obama's head reveals mind control connection to Nazi Occult, MKULTRA, Satan




I hope this isnt the plot of the next Hellboy movie.


I think that’s enough internet for me today.


My next D&D campaign is definitely going to include the “Demon Horn of Moloch”.


I like that the author’s last name means ‘wizards’ in spanish


Here’s the awesome video about the book:


Quite hilarious, but it must be a lampoon - who self- admits to “using the pseudo-science of phrenology”? He cannot expect to be taken seriously, This is some kind of exersize. The name is strange as well, I suspect alias, or anagram of some sort.


His name is an anagram for “Ban Some Gas” or maybe “Same Bangos”.


That would make a great disinfo campaign, wouldn’t it? Poking fun at the goofy while doing the real dirty. Contrast with:


someone should buy a copy of this book for donald trump. i mean, i’m pretty tired of the guy, but seeing him talk about obama’s mind control implants on Fox would be pretty amusing.


I really think Jon Ronson needs to interview this author.


But all the best sciences are pseudo-science!


His concept for the cover art is surprisingly smart.


Perhaps a. gabs omens or Manage Boss


Has just as much credit as his claims of obama being a kenyan muslim who happens to be the antichrist.


Very well-executed, especially by self-published lunatic standards, which is what makes me think it’s a gag. Oh, I’m watching the video now and it has a theremin soundtrack and then… Yeah, this is definitely some Subgenius type stuff.


Retrophrenology. It’s the future.


The fuzzy text makes my eyes hurt though. I keep reflexively trying to make it focus.


The video makes me think that this guy is not “serious.”

He flashes a lot of words onscreen, true, but a real crackpot would cram dozens of words and sentence fragments onscreen at once, in different font sizes and colors, with poor punctuation and capitalization.

This guy is crazy like a fox.


I’m pretty sure that he’s the star of the sequel to Manos: Hands of Fate