Picket Line Slogan Ideas


The union for the Community College where I teach has declared a strike tomorrow demanding better wages (working with no contract, years of austerity measures that keep our salaries below where they were in 2007, etc).

I need ideas for picket line slogans. So far the best I’ve come up with is LEARNED SAGES DESERVE REAL WAGES, but I’m worried that may come off as kind of elitist. Ideas?

ETA: Here are the finalists so far. I’ll add other promising ideas as I see them.

  • Learned sages deserve real wages
  • First Class Faculty, Not Second Class Citizens
  • Keep CCSF from Losing its Faculties
  • Cost of livin’ should be a given
  • Good teachers are priceless, not free
  • You can’t put students first if you put faculty last

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Old traditional bot slogan:

Hey hey,
Ho ho,
One zero zero one one ze-ro.


“Austerity kills prosperity.” Something something. I gave up slogan writing after the Bush years because I wasn’t very good at it. :sweat:


I like, Fair Pay Now!


Wow. I’ve seen both the private and public sectors in California* finally increase wages as of this year and work with union on new contract agreements. I can’t believe that it’s been almost 10 years and your CoCo district hasn’t worked with the union.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been good at pithy sayings.

Best of luck tomorrow! :v:

*Although CSUs are currently fighting for living wages in the higher real estate markets.


“We all help you build the nation, yet you grift on remuneration!”


“Pedagogues need their chedda logs”




Your Tuition not going here.

(downward pointing arrow)


I looked for funny signs and was sorely disappointed.

“If you can read this, thank a teacher”?


“Fair pay, or we teach them about the college financing industry”


Something about ivory towers and golden showers maybe.



And May flowers.


It kind of sounds like you’re telling parents of students that they’re not paying for sex? :worried: Which is good, I guess.


It’s a community college, so not much opportunity for students to get action on campus anyway. (Upside: also much easier to earn a degree without taking on crippling amounts of debt.)


Just borrowing some of the CSU signs (though their strike ended up being averted):


(No. Wait. Forget we asked that.)



(Then again, so do most Ponzi schemes)


In my last faculty strike (2001), the signs were mainly simple “On Strike” signs. However, a colleague in the Art Dept. put together this wonderful thing:

It took several people to carry it around.

I also walked the picket line as a TA in 1980; here’s a photo (I’m probably in the crowd, but not in the frame). The best sign is around 20% in from the right-hand side; you should stealadapt that one: