Picking up beer bottles with an excavator is harder than it sounds


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“How to get rid of tailgaters.”

Ha. One problem solved, new problem created: good samaritans trying to tell you there’s a thermos on your roof. So instead of tailgaters you have cars honking and waving at you the whole time.

Still, that’s a pretty funny idea.


That’s nothing… Excavator operator flips a penny off the ground onto the tooth of his rig.


A colleague had a more dramatic anti-tailgate technique. This was eons ago, back when some vehicles had a manual choke for cold starts and no pollution control features. Poindexter installed and wired a spark plug near the end of the tailpipe.

When a tailgater rolled up on him, he pulled the choke out for 10-15 seconds – letting fuel mix and exhaust get a bit rich. Then toggled the switch he’d installed on the dash, triggering the spark plug. The resulting ball of flame exiting the tailpipe generally did the trick.

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