Pie-Modding 101: turning store-bought desserts into amazing nerd-chow


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Brought to you by the makers of Bachelor Chow, it’s Nerd Chow!


Just say “no” to storebought syrup-filled excuses for cherry and blueberry pies. Hardly anybody gets them right, packing them with fruit instead of tasteless textureless non-nutritional sugar.


I offer a safe disposal service for items like these at very reasonable rates with discounts available if you provide the ice-cream, custard or cream.


I respect you too much for that.


That’s nice and all, but I’d really rather have pie than respect. You can’t eat respect. :smiley:


Respect can be making better pies, and other food. You certainly can eat respect!

The con is US corn subsidies, trying to make corn syrup cheaper and plentiful than actual food. That’s why many pie fillings are so syrupy. A proper pie has just enough sticky sugar to glue all of those packed blueberries or cherries together. When people need to choose between economics and nutrition, everybody loses.


Yeah, look mate, I ain’t got the spoons for this shit today. :smiley: So you crack on and have that convo and fill in my lines without me and Imma duck out and do something more fun, 'k?


Mmm… Duck pie!


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