Colorado bear with munchies breaks into pie shop, eats all pies but one


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Well, duh. Everyone knows rhubarb is suspect as a pie filling.


That’s a lucky break for Ice Cream Larry. He might have had a competitor advertising pies. Instead it sounds like this bear tried the pie and said, “I do feel sick.”


And that’s terrible.


That’s why most people prefer Strawberry-Rhubarb


The sign did say “Free Samples”! At least the bear can read.


Yeah. Bear. Certainly not me.


Come on, bear! You should at least try it!


And thanks for the picture captioned with “This is the actual bear” instead of “Some random stock photo of a bear”.


That bear’s crazy. Strawberry Rhubarb is fecking delicious.


Clearly the bear was not of the upper crust since s/he left the most scrumptious and delectable pie alone.
More for us, and by us I mean myself.
Strawberry Rhubarb…


The Yelp review was hilarious!


Lies. Rhubarb is delicious. You are clearly a bear is all.


Delicious? It’s poisonous!

I remember when my parents used to try to foist rhubarb crumble on us instead of delicious blackberry. Not having any of that.


Call yourself an Englishman? Feh.


I can’t stand tea either.

Should I return my passport?


The bird avatar was a clever way to confuse everyone, wasn’t it?


OK, seriously…no one? Sigh…

Who’s smarter than the average bear?


Strawberry-rhubarb is rad. Bears and humans with childish palates don’t like it? – fine, more for me.


Rhubarb leaves actually are poisonous. It’s not too surprising that a bear would stay away from it. Just as well, more for me.