'Piglet,' a creepy 'found' video from Memory Hole


“The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” That’s actually creepier than I was expecting.

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It’s this weirdly arousing kind of creepy… Or am I weird? Hmm…

Nurse, one unicorn pic, stat!!

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That’s just the trailer for the new John Waters film.


Oh hell yea you’re weird. Me too. But I want to know what the hell was in that last 2 seconds?

Ahh the 90’s. Damn those were good times.

-actually if I had seen this on Weird TV in the 90’s I wouldn’t have thought much about it…ironic in a way.

I was already having a I wish humanity would hurry up and snuff itself out kind of morning.

Don’t go to the YouTube channel. It’s just more and worse and sadder.

Just making sure we’re ready for trick or treating, costume’s so perfect!


Edit: Actually, if it were Waters, there would be a lot more dialogue/monologue. His characters rarely shut up. The ambient humming reminds me more of David Lynch.


I was thinking Lynch too. Great minds think alike.

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For me, that was by far the most disturbing part. Didn’t like how that little kid was handled. Not at all.

In a technical sense, it seemed to serve as a bookend, along with the snippet of wedding video at the beginning.

Anyway, I hope that kid is OK.

Overall, a very poor specimen…
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Kinda doubt it, given what’s apparently down there in the Memory Hole.

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