Pilgrim's Wilderness - "a true look at an escapist nightmare in America's mythic and fading frontier"


See, if he had lived life with a censorship wall on his internet, none of this bad stuff could ever have happened.

A slice of Americana gone rotten! I’m reading the book right now. Fascinating stuff. I’ll warn people- a lot of it you won’t be able to stomach, particularly the abuse of the children. Americans tend to hold free-spirited eccentrics in high regard, especially since the late 1960’s, but this will disillusion a lot of people who romanticize living off the grid. Though the abuse to the reader is fairly obvious, it’s clear that Pa Pilgrim was good at surrounding himself by people who wanted to believe in the fantasy of a sweet, back-to-nature hippie family. They turned blind eyes to the strangeness and abuse markers, and he kept his family isolated enough that few people had the chance to lose their affection. When the mask slipped he’d move on. Equally fascinating is the tension between residents and rangers in national parks. I am a city dweller and never really knew this stuff, and Kizzia offers a good glimpse into the viewpoints of both sides.

While I quite like Kizzia’s earlier Alaskan book:

The Wake of the Unseen Object - Tom Kizzia

I’ll likely pass on reading this one.

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