Pink Floyd unveils cover art for first studio album in 20 years


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Screw the album art (okay it’s a cool picture, but still), I want the music.

No way it’ll be the same band it once was but having new Floyd material in the year 2014 will still be a heck of an occasion.


I had a crazy dream last night where I was at an amazingly under-attended concert given by Roger Waters. Everyone kept talking over him, and I kept telling people to keep it down. I kept trying to tell people that the man takes his music seriously and will walk off the stage if you don’t show some respect! Alas no one would listen, he ended his concert early, and I knew I would never see him on stage again with Pink Floyd.

It seemed like a weird bit to have in a dream, considering the fact that I didn’t even know this album was in the works.

Anyway, the label may say Pink Floyd, but it still ain’t canon in my book.K


Last good album was Delicate Sound of Thunder. I doubt this album will change that assessment (for me).

Ive been thanked for shutting people up in the theater by people near me at Kasey Chambers and Anoushka Shankar concerts. Who goes to a concert to talk?

And it’s not really Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett.


There’s a few moments on David Gilmour’s last album ‘On an Island’, that evoke Floyd on their best days, especially at the beginning of the album.

I have high hopes yet.

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I think there are really 4 Floyds:

  • S:Floyd, which kind of extends beyond Barrett’s actual membership in the band by a few albums
  • DR:Floyd, peaking on Meddle through Wish You Were Here
  • R:Floyd, Animals through The Final Cut
  • D:Floyd, everything after

Don’t get too exited. Apparently it’s mostly ambient and instrumentals, left over from Division Bell.
To me, Pink Floyd’s last album was The Final Cut.
Dave’s stuff is nice, but there’s no dark, unpredictable unhingement.


I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone here, but:

If they tour, go! I luckily got to see Division Bell in Nashville. fuhgedaboudit.

it was reported (though i got it word-of-mouth, so allow for exaggeration plus faded memory) that there were 20 semi trucks just for the lighting equipment.

oh, and, nice cover art.


Funny, I was going to say the opposite. I like the art, but it’s really rare that these people/bands still making music after 40 years can come close to whatever it was they had done right in the 60s and 70s. Any time I think it might be a good idea, I just listen to one of Neil Young’s PSAs about not knowing when to let it go.

Basically, it’s Gilmour’s version of Ghosts I-IV.

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On the other hand, Gilmour can give the pentatonic scale a workout like no one else. I could listen to him noodle for days.


There is only 3 Floyds.

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I can never remember… Which one’s Pink?


In the middle, between White and Red.

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The most surprising part to me is that people use Behance

I’ve always defined them as 3 distinct eras:

The Syd Era- psychadellic, playful, a lot of fun nonsense: Piper at the Gates of Dawn, obviously, but the influence was still there on Ummagumma and a handful of later tracks.

The Roger Era- nice rocking hooks, but at bit of angry darkness under the surface. Crystalized during the golden age from Dark Side of the Moon through The Wall

The Dave Era- Lighter, but no less dramatic, more orchestral and ethereal. Momentary Lapse of Reason is the best example, but The Division Bell continues the general sound.

Amen. Me and my red wine often think it’s the pick of the bunch.


I’m a fan of Storm Thorgerson’s work and some of his covers for Pink Floyd are classics. After his passing it’s nice to give such a young guy a chance and some his previous work merited it. But I find the result pretty shallow and saccarine and more appropriate for a supermarket romance novel or a motivational poster.

Edit: After seeing it again I’m ready to further downgrade my verdict. This cover is absolute gash. It fills me with dread to imagine that it’ll be plastered on countless buildings and buses in the weeks to come.

Just occurred to me that this cover illustration will be their first new one to lose the context of the “album cover”. Some (most?) here will remember these and may remember the experience of listening to Pink Floyd stoned and staring at the album cover art. Whereas their label may do a “special limited edition” vinyl, probably the biggest anyone is gonna see this one is the ~5" CD insert.

Oh, personally I couldn’t ever enjoy listening to Pink Floyd until the Dub Side of the Moon remake album and it turns out that was indeed my limit.