Pinterest: 200+ employees hold virtual walkout over gender and race discrimination

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Pictures or it didn’t happen.

(Aw, come on, this is Pinterest, we’re talking about.)

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This is why you need unions.

Also, the third demand seems illegal to implement, so I don’t see this being resolved any time soon.


Pinterest is a company I love to hate. Their images pollute various image search engines’ search results, and are nearly useless for my purposes, as it’s intentionally difficult to save them outside of a Pinterest account. After much frustration, I created an HTML page of image search forms for my own purposes that redirect my queries to various image search engines, but explicitly filter out any search results from the various pinterest.* domains where possible.


If it isn’t illegal to have hiring practices that result in an 80% male workforce (to pick a number that is optimistic yet insulting), it shouldn’t be illegal to have hiring practices that result in a 75% male workforce.

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