Pit bull goes bonkers for bubbles


awe… he thinks there are li’l babies floating in the air and he’s chomping them! so cute! (i’m gonna go out tomorrow to buy some bubbles to see if my sweet Bella will chomp them)

I was gonna post “Cue snarky caniphobic comments in 3… 2…1…”, but looks like I was slow on the draw.

Seriously, “li’l babies”? For crying out loud, it’s a pitbull, not a wild dingo.

Nevertheless, holy hell I do not want to be on the receiving end of those jaws. I’m sure they’re made of foam rubber, but they sound lethal when they snap shut.

i apologize that the pit bull’s reputation tends to make people uber-sensitive.

I LOVE Pit Bull Terriers

The Bella that I mention is an American Pit Bull Terrier… and she is made of nothing but Guts & Love. Just this Monday a vet-tech told me that she was the sweetest dog she’d ever met.

Pit Bull Terriers are traditionally called ‘The Nanny Dog’ for a reason.


OT but thanks Xeni for including a video link. I can’t watch vids on BB unless I allow all scripts on the page which I hate to do (even for you guys).

What a goof…he’s having more fun than I had today. I need some bubbles

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It’s probably good that ‘dog’ implies ‘my ancestors were lupine quislings and/or fawning sycophants of the apes’.

Dogs are lovely animals; but they are reasonably low risk by disposition(and by tending to give us more credit than we deserve), not by incapacity.

Just think how terrifying that beast would seem if you were Glinda, Good Witch of the North.


What are you blocking with?

Okay, as a “bully dog” lover, that was pretty funny :slight_smile:

I don’t know if is a genetic or trait thing, but if I point to a round thing (and only a round thing) and say “what is that?!” my dog will howl. It is almost like a protective instinct, but against who, The Prisoner captors?

Wait a sec… Foil hood on… :slight_smile:

Mine seems to be made of muscles, love, and stubbornness. And he has quite the fan club at our vets, too. He wasn’t too impressed with the bubbles I tried, though- I hope Bella gets joy out of them!

Looks pretty calm to me…

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