Pitch Blak Brass Band: hip-hop/brass with a lot of funk and a lot of beat

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That’s pretty rad, man! It’s so syncopated I thought it was in some oddball time signature, 17/8 or something, but no, it’s a straight 4.


If you like funked-up brassy break-downs, see also: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Soul Jazz Orchestra.

If it wasn’t for the arts, I think I would write off the last decade.


Thanks! Reminds me of Youngblood Brass Band, who I just found out released a new album a few years back! Double score!

NOLA’s own Big Easy Brawlers

Love the horns.

Hate the man-bun.

And I’m not saying it strictly needs it, but I wouldn’t have minded a little cowbell.

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Good stuff.

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