Fire, the Ohio Players



Pretty amazing hair and costumes. I’d been expecting this song.

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“Water boy with the bucket, if you didn’t want the job you shouldn’t oughta took it”.


See, when black kids learn brass instruments, they can look forward to this. I’m afraid my son’s future has nothing funkier in it then John Philips Sousa.


Sounds like he’s going to have to appropriate himself some culture.

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You’re really not looking hard enough.

There’s no reason he can’t be feelin’ alright about playing a brass instrument, eh.

Austin’s Big Boys made some good use of brass

I do miss the days when being able to play musical instruments and spell weren’t out of place in entertainment.

I loved this as a kid but I think that’s the first time to see the Midnight Special version. I love it that Helen Reddy brings them on in a white ballgown looking outfit. A friend of mine and I would cruise around in his Camaro blasting the funk. We were the pretty cool kids here in OKC. Doing THE BUMP in the front is incredible!

Hah, good stuff. I was joking, the kid writes jazz. His band class was playing Spinning Wheel back in middle school.

Awesome band!

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