Boys dressed as Earth, Wind, & Fire perform medley of their hits

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It’s September! This song makes me higher than a Georgia pine tree!


sooooo, blackface is ok again now?

You should check their performances as Dianna Ross and the Supremes and other female groups. I dunno…

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OMG! I didn’t even notice. I thought they were naturally dark skinned. Yikes!

I’m sure some people will bring up cultural differences, and “because Philippines,” but no. No it’s not.

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Ho hum. These kids’ schtick is a kind of “mini me” impersonation - rather than simply a cover. Reckon their makeup was a shade or two whiter than normal for their BeeGees impersonation too. Complaints?
This is them for real:

And this is them impersonating Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

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Their act isn’t blackface

This kind of thing is… not for me… but if you look at the bit where they walk through the audience and the hausfrau in the blue T-shirt gets so excited she’s out of her seat and jumping around and visibly restraining herself from grabbing one of them, there’s a whole novel right there.

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How about shred? Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Shred) - YouTube :joy:

Same here. I can’t help but smile when this tune comes on.


That’s the historical definition of blackface, but the current contemporary term is used for whenever a non black person wears brown skin makeup and kinky hair wigs to pantomime black people. So yes, this is blackface.

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