You brought this on yourself, @shaddack

While not technically a brass band in this video, it is a brass band piece.

Winter-------i mean more videos are coming!!

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Literally noone is gonna even understand these words, but the only thing cuter than a miniature euphonium is a cornet with a shepherds crook.

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It’s Holst time!!

This Is Not A Brass Band.

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I’ll see your
and raise you
#Grimethorpe With Obi-Wan Kenobi


What is this I don’t even


#Brass bands

Shaddack poked the bull, so the Bull responded with Grimthorpe.

Feel free to mock Morris dancing though.

This guy is a monster. His finger technique–as I am sure he would be the first to point out–sucks. But watch is fucking embouchure.

how about this?


Competitive drum and bugle is an outstanding, fiendishly difficult, and weird thing. I was a drum major, and sometimes it was like herding cats and other times it was so Sublime I thought we had esp.

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Agreed. They kick ass and the Cavaliers was one of the best…

Um… hiding over here now.


Clear as mud, but never mind…

I seem to have noticed a rather cosy cadre forming over the last few months, and it’s getting rather in-jokey here and there, so I expect to be regularly confused.

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More grimethorpe!!!

I am confused as well. But I can give some pointers on me.

If someone mentions weird old English music, sea life, puns, or cooking, I will derail with some left field bit of minutiae in a new York second.

Thus, gently poking fun at @shaddack since he made fun of brass bands.


Literally running with a Bass Bugle (it’s a horizontal tuba!!) is harder than playing soccer. Which is damn hard.

If you want to make sounds by blowing air into shaped metal, there are better ways. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:notes: three-outta-four-ain’t-bad :notes:


Now I want a little fishy on a little dishy…

You’ve got a point. Here’s a German hëavy mëtal ënthusiast. (Though the hëavy mëtal is actually in Copënhagën.)