Pizza stone, magic trick, game timer, hotel outlet adapter [Gadgets 004]


I do a lot of bread baking and home pizza making and I recomment Fibrament baking stones to everyone that asks how to start baking. This stones are heavy duty, they hold a lot of heat and give very uniform results, they take a bit longer to heat up than the one in this Gadget post but the results are worth it. You can get a Fibrament to fit your oven (leave a little space for air circulation).

With my 15"x20" stone I can bake three personal pizzas at a time, or three baguettes or two boules. I don’t know why anyone would get at round stone, but they have round ones too.

For pizzas you also really need to get your oven hot (as hot as it will go), leave the stone in the oven and let both heat up for 30minutes before baking.

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