Plan like Milo Minderbinder


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Unless you intended a crossbreed of the Catch-22 character with the Futurama character (which does sound entertaining), it’s “Minderbinder”


Thank you, I was wondering wtf this product had to do with the Catch-22 character.


Business plan: Kill all humans, then serve them to the enlisted men.


Oh boy, I hope the headline writer does Vonnegut next.
“If this twisty glass blunt isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”
“Listen: your VHS collection has come unstuck in time.”

“Party like Milo Minderbinder with our organic chocolate-dipped cotton balls.”


I wonder how many bb’ers think Milo Minderbinder is that gay guy who loves Trump.


BB’ers? Close to zero.
Relatives on FB? All of them.


Fixed. Ty



Milo Minderbinder is classic; Yolo Minneapolis is so yesterday.


Has anybody actually used this software?

Other than the tenuous connection to a funding site it seems to be nothing more than a presentation editor with some nice templates and a chat app glued on the side.

Or am I missing something earth-shattering?


Now wait a minute, are you another one of those “meddling kids”?


I prefer to plan like Orr.

Orr was a real planner and a real survivor.

Minderbinder went out of business, and Major —— de Coverley saw right through him.


Hey, nice lawn! :stuck_out_tongue:


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