"Secret Hitler" board game adds Trump administration booster pack


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Did Rob consult on the design?

I see the eye-mouth shoop on the ⊥rump card.


Brilliant! By producing these cards, they ensure that one or more members will be swiftly dismissed, thus rendering the expansion obsolete and outdated! The administration will succumb to the inescapable power of Murphy’s Law!


I don’t see the semblance.


You’re right. The guy on the card looks intelligent.


Grab a cadaver. I wanna reach out and stab ya.


Thanks for the ear worm. :-\


I get why you like this game, but to be intellectually honest, you have to admit that the opposite of Liberal is not Fascist. That’s a pretty big over-generalization.


I suspect the term is meant as ‘in favour of liberal democracy’.


There’s no reason to assume the two sides are diametrically opposed, just that they’re trying to enact two different forms of government.


If anything the Bannon card is soft-pedalling his actual “exhumed Sterno drinker” appearance


This is an absurdly fun game.


I was convinced this was shooped specifically for this post but since other sites show the same design I may have to concede this will actually be in the game.


Is there a way to peddle this to the conspiracy crazies as “The Game That THEY Tried To Suppress”? After all, they freaked out over Illuminati! and that was making fun of people exactly like them.

They may be pink, but their money is green!


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