Plane crashes into man's home. He's alive because he'd just left to buy Hot Pockets


Everyone on the plane side of the dispute is dead though. And somehow estates seem to be willing to endlessly battle in court over trivialities.

Probably because estates are run by lawyers.


Indeed, were I in his situation, I’d want renter’s insurance not because I bore any reasonable liability; but because my insurer would rather unleash their assault lawyers against the pilot’s estate, aircraft vendor/maintenance contractor, possibly others’ insurers than risk having to pay me anything.(in much the same way that if you get screwed in a commercial transaction, it is sweet indeed when you can get a credit card company, bank, or both to adopt a ‘that’s my consumer you are fucking with; and only we get to use dodgy billing practices and reams of deceptive fine print on him’ attitude and kick ass on your behalf).

As noted, the poor guy probably won’t see a penny for months, at least, and that sort of delay is easily enough to kick many of us from ‘tenuously middle class’ to ‘homeless’; my hope is just that, ideally sooner than later, the fairly clear-cut not-his-faultness of the situation will make it somebody else’s insurer’s problem.


Hey folks, stop being so snarky funny and drop a few dollars into his gofundme campaign. Do you work in a factory in Akron? No? Consider yourselves lucky and help him out.


If a car had crashed into his home, demolishing it the insurer would be paying out to the occupant; perhaps there’d be wrangling about the amount but it’s pretty much the defining example of what liability insurance covers. I can’t imagine the same sort of thing isn’t in place for aircraft.


IAAL and the way this guy’s most likely claim will be against insurance policy that covers the airplane. Probably a pretty quick settlement, too.


As he was driving back to his apartment, he saw the smoke and flames and knew they would be very near his residence. Because the roads were closed, he parked his car and ran in that direction. When he saw that his apartment was the one ablaze, he immediately thought: “Oh, my God. What did I do?”

I call bullshit. He just copied that scene from Fight Club, almost verbatim. Betcha the first thing he did was call his new friend Taylor Burden.


Oh, quitcher bellyachin. Snark is what we do here. He had 8 donations yesterday and now he’s got 70 today.


Damn. I was just about to. Mine was going to be about whether this counts as evidence of one of the miracles needed for Jim Gaffigan’s sainthood…


Yeah, I was going to ask if the GoFund me campaign is just for a bridge loan until he becomes a millionaire in the insurance settlement.


Mmm not that I am aware of. It looks like my brain told my fingers to type “a” and my fingers were like “fuck you, we do what we want”, and my eyes were like, “Fine, it’s fine, I’m sure it’s fine. We don’t need to check it out.”

Either that or I am just so hip and attuned with youth culture that I subconsciously am taking part in the spreading of a meme.


I knew we could count on your shbananaguns in times like these


It sure was a bitch and a half donating to him 62 times, just to make my point.


In this sort of case, the insurance company will settle pretty quickly if he just wants compensation for his stuff plus a bit to cover his rent. If he starts going for exemplary amounts – pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc., it gets hard to come to terms quickly.


We can do both! We’re complicated like that!


I’m trying to figure out which uncontrolled airport he was aiming for. The 3 airports around Akron are all large enough to be controlled (Akron-Canton, Fuller, and Akron Muni). I don’t think he was coming in at a time when the air traffic controllers would have shut down for the night.


Well, you can still post a World According to Garp joke.

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