Plane crashes into man's home. He's alive because he'd just left to buy Hot Pockets


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You might be alive, but youve still got to eat Hot Pockets for breakfast.


Yeah, that ain’t living.


See? Proof that they’re good for you! The ad copy practically writes itself…


The one time Hot Pockets weren’t the cause of an wrecked toilet.


See! Marijuana is not only safe, but it saves lives, too!

(I can only assume the he was high as fuck. Because there’s no other earthly reason to want Hot Pockets)


Stay home or go shopping – either way, hot pockets


I keep seeing this lately… is this like if I accidentally the whole bottle?


I can’t imagine. And I thought I had a shitty day.


You accidentally the whole bottle too? What a coincidence! I did that, and then accidentally a 93MB of RARfile. Is it dangerous?


Insert Jim Gaffigan joke here.


Yup. I bet this is pretty much the only time that Hot Pockets have contributed a beneficial effect to anyone’s health.


Depends. How is babby formed?


If he leaves them in the box without eating them, his life will be saved again.


If he gives them to a starving homeless person, another life will be saved.


Jason Darko.


I don’t want to victim blame here, but this is the exact kind of reason you should spend that ten bucks a month on renter’s insurance.


Strength Through Slacking!


I’d certainly be the last to deny that insurance has its uses(when it isn’t trying to fuck you over; not that I have a long list of personal examples and an axe to grind that would make Paul Bunyan ask for something a little smaller); but I’d hope that, in this case, the ultimate liability wouldn’t be borne by the occupants of the demolished building.

Whether the crash turns out to be a ‘controlled flight into terrain’, some sort of mechanical malfunction, or a medical occurence that compromised the pilot; a plane crashed into the building, so I’d hope that any sparring over liability is between the various possible parties responsible for the plane’s trajectory, not the people and property it crashed into.

Having renter’s insurance might get him results faster, which makes a big difference if you don’t have a comfortable cushion of savings to dip into; but if everyone on the plane side of the dispute manages to wriggle off the hook I’d be deeply disappointed.

(Insurance would still be a good idea, given that ‘catching fire’ or ‘flooding and toxic mold’ and similar are markedly more common than ‘demolished in air crash’; but since this case was ‘demolished in air crash’ I’d hope that it wouldn’t be necessary, there is a clearly responsible party and it certainly isn’t the hapless occupants.)


Plot twist: the hot pocket shows the face of Jesus. Praise!