Plane disappeared and crashed in Bermuda Triangle, family still missing


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Why do you have to relate that to The Burmuda Triangle?

…but since apparently we are, it occurs to me to wonder what percentage of disappearances in this region actually involve Florida Man?


Well, it does resonate with the sense of surrealism engulfing the US at this point. I fully expect aliens to arrive shortly, along with Godzilla.


Roland Emmerich fan? :smiley:


Exactly. It’s 2017 and this isn’t some 80s “Unexplained Spooky Mysteries” show.


I fully expect him to do a bi-sequel with aliens and Godzilla.


Because we’re more likely to click on the link with “Bermuda Triangle” in it. I know I was.



pales in comparison to the horror of Mephisto’s Trapezoid


I for one look forward to the Apocalypse!


I want to know if there really are more disappearances of small aircraft there or if there are just more small aircraft in that location and the disappearances scale as expected.

Plus, based on the image attached that’s no small area. Planes are notoriously difficult to find in the ocean. 3 years on and there’s still no real progress on finding MH370.


Or even a 70’s “Unexplained Spooky Mysteries” show for that matter …

Apparently the area is very heavily traveled by both boats and airplanes, and that when you take the density of traffic into account, it’s no more different than other parts of the world.


I’ll take Chariots of the Gods for 100, Alex.


“…The missing Avenger planes
Will never return to base
Don’t you wait up for them.” (from “The Wreck of the Arthur Lee”)


I’ll take the bondage version of that, Lariats of the Bods, for 200.


They found wreckage, so how is this a disappearance?


infamous for what many believe is a disproportionate number of mysterious aircraft and boat vanishings or accidents.

Many believing is inconsequential. Either it is or it isn’t. So is it?


It isn’t. About as many ships and planes and things disappear[1] there as you’d expect, given the size and density of shipping. Kusche wrote a book in 1975 that basically pointed out that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle can’t be solved because there’s nothing to solve.

[1] Sink. They sink. Everyone says ‘disappear’ as if they poof into nothingness in plain view of onlookers. When a ship enters any other stretch of ocean and is never seen again, it’s a foregone conclusion that it sunk, but in the Bermuda Triangle it, instead, mysteriously disappears.


[quote=“LapsedPacifist, post:18, topic:101229”]
About as many ships and planes and things disappear[1] there as you’d expect, given the size and density of shipping[/quote] and climate and various other things.

Really, it’s just decades of confirmation bias.


No one knows. Its a mystery!!!