Plane makes emergency landing when angry couple says the word "bomb"

Originally published at: Plane diverts when "bomb" is mentioned


I guess they never watched Meet the Parents.



or playing this too loud in my headphones


wait wait wait-

wait wait wait


I wonder about stories like this - “someone overheard a private conversation in which the word ‘bomb’ was used in a completely unknown context” is really not the same as “bomb threat,” and potentially really, really not the same.


If you only had a brain

Is changing seats in a plane with a bomb really worth the effort? They probably just wanted to get away from the arguing couple (valid) but to add the word “bomb” is a whole level of stupid. They laid themselves open to charges as the only witnessed statement about the word is that they themselves said it.

Also do not shout out using his nickname to your friend John.


I blame the person who asked to switch seats. I am betting that is someone with a lot of time on their hands, who gets excitement by peeking out of curtained windows. Just sit there and listen to the bomb talk. /s

well, there are seats that are statistically better for survival in case of a plane crash.

unless the whole plane gets evaporated by the "BOMB!!!"™


“I can’t wait to get home after this awful trip and get a bath bomb going!”

“After our last trip we got bedbugs and had to use a bug bomb on the house.”

“How could you drop a bombshell piece of news like that?!?”

“I love Da Bomb hot sauce”


Land this motherfucker right now!


I work extensively with bills of material, and I’ve had to catch myself from asking questions about BOMs in airports…


“I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.”

So heartwarming to see everyone working together toward the common goal of being dumber than a sack of hammers. It’s this kind of civic spirit that protects us all from being blown out of the sky by someone whispering the word “bomb” into their hand.


I’m remembering a story from just after 9/11, when some Muslim college students were in a restaurant talking about the possibility of buying a used car being offered in another area and driving it down to where they all lived. Another customer only heard the phrase “bring it down” out of context and assumed, in a fit of Islamophobia, that they were planning to blow up a building. Which might be funny except the police and FBI were called, they were detained/arrested and interrogated, their university kicked them out because of the “controversy” over the investigation (not that they were prosecuted - it’s not like they had actually threatened anything, much less done or planned to do anything). I forget how it eventually all shook out but they were generally fucked over at the time.


“They were talking about bombs in a foreign language!”

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Eh, I always bring my own :bomb: on flights. After all, what are the chances that there are two onboard???

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