Planes and stocks both freeze this AM over computer glitches

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Countdown to some weirdo claiming it was terrorisms on the internets in 5…4…

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Extremely suspicious if you ask me. Where is Infowars when we need them?

EDIT: Forgot to add WAKE UP SHEEPLE.


Hail Eris, Hail Discordia!


Third is a charm; day’s only half over.

Well there you go; let the gays get married and the nation is plunged into chaos via the vulnerable back door.


If had happened the other way around, stocks first and then planes, I could have just comforted myself with the assumption that planes had become sentient and were too worried about their stock portfolios to fly.

Oh well.

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“'Once is happenstance, Twice is coincidence, Three times is enemy action.”

Auric Goldfinger (probably)


There is a worse option. The stocks became sentient and got worried about the impact of air transportation sector disruption.


All these coincidences are eventually going to coincide at the same moment for some truly terrible coincidental-catastrophe.

Perhaps we should be promoting white hat security research rather than seizing their stuff and throwing them in the hole?

No no, what am I saying? Totally coincidental and such, nothing to see here, move along.

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I think we should all have a good 'ol panic.

Seriously though I wonder maybe a time based bug that both systems shared? Greek financial crisis blackops containment? Aliens?

Yeah, probably aliens.

If it was a time-based bug, it’d likely manifest at the same minute, in the same hour of either UTC or local times, in the latter case shifted apart by the timezones.

My guess goes on unrelated incidents that only share the same day. The Net is a rough place, things are happening every day, and coincidences are bound to happen.

Turns out it was a router failure.

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Must not have been an important one, when they did not have a spare.

That’s what people always think, but ever been in an failure that cascades? Even with the best planning it can be a disaster.

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Very good point.

How can such networks be designed to arrest the failure spread? Cascading faults are BAD and their possibility gives me willies.

So, Aliens then?

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