Play Bad Writer, "the most depressingly realistic writer's life simulation I ever experienced"

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Why play the game if I’m already living the sadly depressing reality???

(okay, but I did just sell a story today for which I’m grateful and very excited)

EDIT: I decided to download (buy) and play the game. It’s a cheap $3.99. Realistic: you can waste time doing things other than writing (so common). Unrealistic: magazines get back to you in a day or two (almost never happens… usually more like 60 to 90 days). Also unrealistic, your character can write a sellable story in a single day (mwa ha ha ha… that NEVER happens for me!)


Oh finally, a game that caters to my specific power fantasies!



The video makes it look like stardew valley, without the hygge.

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New word! Thanks!

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Well Done Reaction GIF

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It looks like a good strategy would be to never check your email so you don’t see the rejection letters. Maybe send a lot of stories out and check all at once, so that the odds of one being accepted is higher

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Day 1 Excitedly finish editing a story. Submit to first publisher with exclusive submission policy.
Day 48 Receive rejection.
Day 49 Submit to second publisher with exclusive submission policy.
Day 93 Receive rejection.
Day 94 Submit to third publisher with exclusive submission policy.
Day 138 Receive rejection.
Day 139 Give up. Self publish in a collection. Sell 10 - 14 copies to friends and family and the odd Redditor or Twitter user.


I loved that in the developer bio thingee on itch it states that the entire time he was working on the game the developer (who is a writer) kept repeating “I should be writing”


I love the use of music in this – it’s the kind of music i normally hate, the kind that is put over every “how to” video, but here it perfectly captures the desperately-trying-to-stay-upbeat mindset of the protagonist. Even the voiceover on the promo video kills me, especially where she says “i just lost my job – but don’t worry about it…!” and “better watch out publishers, because here i come!”

I would love it if the solution to winning was to somehow train Meowphestopheles to ghost write your stories for you.

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that solution reminds of this game

which was, fun, though not necessarily difficult.

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