Play-Doh frosting extruder to be redesigned



"Wheeled" dolphin looks like penis

Hasbro sock puppet:


Looks like a pretty nice tool to me.


You people with dirty minds ruin everything. This is why we can’t have nice extruders!


Extruder? Looks like a dolphin mold to me…


On the one hand, looking at the complete component shows that it’s a syringe, and conceivably was just designed as such.

On the other hand, I can’t help feeling that this was the designer:


Yeah, but look at the head on that thing! Alternatively, I dont believe I have ever seen an actual syringe and immediately thought about cock and balls.


The factory workers in China must have had a doubletake when they first had to put the components together, that’s for sure.


I blame convergent evolution.

Also, I proclaim a bounty of 20 internets, payable if Hasbro teams up with whoever owns the “super soaker” line these days and issues a spot-on “the gun is good, the penis is evil” recall notice and replacement product.


They don’t even say what the feedback was or why they’re recalling it. I’m so confused.


Now parents will just say the new plain looking one encourages drug use.


sometimes an extruder is just an extruder…


Instant collectors’ items. Jump in the car and fly to your nearest Toys 'R Us right now.


They could be as collectable as the rare “cameltoe” Equestranaut


Extruder my ass, that there is a pussy auger.


Ask your mom.




One man’s extruder is another man’s injector:

Huffing Boing Boing

We have to redesign an extruder because it looks like a dick.
When election comes, we vote in the dicks.
People. I don’t understand them.


I don’t think something looking like a dick is a good reason to recall it, but I have to say, hard to believe this was an accident. The decorative ring around the base of the “head” seems to be there just to keep it from NOT looking like a dick.