Playful guerrilla group hang 'swing bombs' around San Francisco

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This is lovely.
We had a similar guerrilla action in Kaunas, Lithuania a couple years ago. Alas, all the swings have been either removed or destroyed by vandals :frowning:


Guerilla restrooms would be killer too for SF.


Why yes, I am loads of fun at parties.


Every wall along every sidewalk is a guerilla restroom in SF. It’s funk-nasty!

These popped up in Austin, TX a few years back (though obviously installed by different but like minded people) and there are thankfully still a few around. Always a nice surprise to stumble on one while taking a walk.


Anyone else have trouble seeing Instagram links in boingboing? I use Chrome, and all I see here is empty outlines. No “Show Picture” option, or anything, is there.

Of course, those who have made it to the comments probably do not intersect with those who aren’t seeing the links, so there’s that. If there’s a setting to change, I can’t find it, and I’m the I.T. Guy, so it’s a bit embarrassing. Anyway, thanks.

They show up fine for me in Chrome. Possibly one of your extensions?

Typically you will need to run Instagram’s javascript.

Just think of it as injecting unlabeled fluids into your pets. It’s probably water, and do you really want to take the time to analyze it? All the cool kids do it and all their pets are totally cool.

(I don’t see them either, unless I get really curious and briefly enable the js)

The same is true for me too [i.e., Chrome and empty outlines] but only when I’m on the /blog/ view. When I click through to the full post [either by clicking “more”, or, if the complete post is there in the /blog/ view, then by clicking the headline] there I do see the Instagram pictures instead of empty outlines.

Where are you when you see the empty outlines? If /blog/ view, have you tried clicking through to the full post?

Nice to see there is still room for silliness and unplanned stuff.

Then the lawyers showed up and ate everything in sight. “Won’t someone think of the children!” followed from hordes of helicopter-borne parents.

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Almost always blog view, unless intrigued enough to follow up. I’ll give it a try, though. THX

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