Playin’ Da Musicz

I don’t enjoy music; I have musical anhedonia. I am also tone and beat deaf. But I enjoy making what my life partner calls ‘horrible noise.’

I really want this thing.


Me too!

Have you tried the virtual ANS? It might work for you. I remember liking those people’s field electro acoustic workstation when I read about it.


Mostly play around with VCV Rack 2 Free and when I can go to library to play with Eurorack.

I will try that some time.


Interesting. I know a kid who is for sure beat deaf and may also be tone deaf, but he loves music. He has tried desperately to learn to play various musical instruments throughout his childhood (including, painfully, the drums) without success. I may mention this device to his mother, at least once it’s actually available.


Check out the field kit from them:

These are truly the greatest times ever if you enjoy making electronic noise/music (I’m with John Cage on what music is) there are so many things there

Also: @vermes82 your library has Eurorack? Awesome! I’m about to go to the library to return the bass and amp my daughter borrowed a few months ago. We bought a bass to share last week.

It’s a short scale bass, a Jaguar, with upgraded fixings and stuff. It’s the nicest to play bass we tried.


Nearest to me, there isn’t one, but Helsinki Central Library Oodi has an Electronic Music Studio. Using it requires some luck, as it’s usually booked solid. Understandable for a place where you can play Moog One 8 for free.

They list everything in there.

The only thing missing IMHO is a some kind of a Buchla.


I recommend VCV Rack. It’s free but hard to use. That thing has over 3000 modules mostly free.


Plateau by Valley is a magic plate reverb that makes almost any sound musical or at least ambient.


the 21st of this month I have my first course audition (basically the equivalent to exams in our music school, except there are no grades, but is worse because the whole academia is there to watch your team :smiley: )

I may post a video, beacuse I feel this semester we prepared a decent tune to play for the audition and so it may not sound like steping on a bag of cats.


I need this shirt

ETA: For the non-guitarists…those are the chords D, G, A, and F.


I’ve just recently started messing around with VCV Rack. I’ve avoided learning anything about euro rack hardware (beyond the 3 expert sleepers modules I have for MIDI clock sync) because I know I can’t possibly afford to get into it. So it’s been a very frustrating, then very interesting, and then very frustrating again, journey!

VCV Rack is a great way to try out stuff for free, but I feel like I run out of CPU just as fast as I would have run out of money in hardware. I need a newer computer.

If I can figure out a way to share video clips for free in the blog I’ll post some recording of patches.


There is a way to record video on VCV but I got better results with OBS.


As it was too big to upload here, here’s a link to my mastodon with the promised clip of our hurdy gurdy class playing:

Apologies in advance.

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