Please don't do this


I don’t know how much scope there is to modify the copy for these advertorials, but please…


i know, carbon is a chemical and so is water. anyone going without chemicals is an energy based being.


Basically, “no chemicals” means that the materials are not sourced from Egypt (Khem to the OGs). As for the ad copy, I am guessing that they were trying to contrast strict subtractive filtration versus purifying water by means of adding anything reactive to it.


whatever the rationale, even if it is based on poor translation, the english language copy is unscientific twaddle and should be fixed.


because activated carbon is not a “no chemical”?

I’m sorry, but I’m a chemist, and I think it’s just fine. Activated carbon is a passive filter, and so no chemicals are ‘used’ in the filtering.

also think ‘should’ is scolding and also twaddle, but you’re free to do that without me saying you shouldn’t.


although my tone may have been excessively or even needlessly tendentious, to me the word “should” still represents a sort of request as opposed to a scold. if i had said “must” that would clearly be scolding. then again, my love for words is so great that i may be quibbling for the sake of using more of them which i have been known to do. regardless, it does seem to me that to say one USED activated carbon and whatever antibacterial beads are and then to say that one USED NO CHEMICALS represents very sloppy use of the language.


I only took chemistry in high school, so I’m no expert, but I seem to remember that chemicals were substances that were made up of molecules with some sort of bonds. I suppose as long as the ‘activated carbon’ and ‘antibacterial beads’ don’t fit those descriptions, they might not be chemicals. Perhaps it’s ethereal or astral carbon.

To be less pedantic, would it be more accurate to say that no chemicals are added to the water?

The ‘antibacterial beads’ just makes me think of those New Age shops that always have the nice relaxing music playing, and the pleasant but slightly odd incense smell. There are definitely chemicals there. But you can buy a copper bracelet that will protect you from them. And a CD of ambient sea noises or meditative chants to help you sleep afterward.

Confession: I like those CDs. I had one playing in the bedroom for about a decade. Need a new CD player but I always forget because who thinks of buying a CD player these days…

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