Please help me find boingboing's pan seared steak!

A while back there was a post on boingboing about pan seared steak. The headline was something like, “OMG pan seared steak!” I’ve tried the google and I can’t find it. And I’m on the hook for dinner tonight! Does anyone know where it is?

I don’t think “pan seared” is correct because I get only two hits to "pan seared"

in Google and neither seems appropriate. Have you tried broadening your search? I think you might be misremembering what you read, or where you read it.

sorry, I’ve read all the headlines going back several years, but that rings no bells.

searching duckduckgo with your search terms, this is the number one hit:

searching sailnet for your username reveals you are a member there. you got your forums mixed up, good buddy.

edit: "Created
[scratcheee] 11 hours "
looks like I’m too late to have saved your dinner tonight, though.


I don’t remember it being on BB but I do remember this from the Awl

This is all making it too hard.

Preheat oven to 350-400

Fry the steak on both sides at med/high heat. 4-6 min per side, your call. Size and thickness will dictate a lot of it.

Move the pan to the oven for 6-8 minutes.


You are exactly right, noah! Funny thing is, when codinghorror suggested I misremembered where I read it, I thought, “Heh, he doesn’t know I only read three websites regularly.” When I read your post, I thought, “Ermm, four websites.” Many thanks for the digging.

It even goes a little further…the sailnet post was by a prominent female poster there. So my little brain was convinced that Xeni or Maggie had posted these instructions.

Sailnet would have a red-faced icon to insert here. Thanks everybody.

I ended up following some other instructions for pan searing, and turns out I need more practice. It was cooked grayish all the way through, with no sign of pink anywhere. My family claimed to like it though.

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Thanks jlw. I’ll try that next time it’s raining too hard to grill.

Like :blush: ? It is :blush

:blush: Yes, that’s the one! Thanks for the help.

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