"PM for a day": dissident Tories plan to bring down the government the day after Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister

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Nah, mate, its all fine; Mike Pompeo promised that America will step in if it looks like Corbyn is going to become PM. It’ll a bit of shock and awe, a bit of regime change, and the US will end up “looking after” the UK’s oil reserves. Business as usual. :us:


One day is a bit too long, I reckon.


“Officers returned to an address in Camberwell after neighbors reported hearing a renewed outburst of screaming, shouting, and hysterical weeping. Officers left the property after confirming that the female resident, age 31, was not injured or in danger, but reported that a male resident, a man in his 50s, was ‘greatly upset’. Neighbors had called police after hearing sounds of drumming heels, fists thumping on carpet, and cries of ‘it’s not faaaair’ and ‘waaaaaah!’ continuing for several hours. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said that no action had been taken and that officers had advised the female occupant to “leave him to cry himself out”.”


a racist, sexist, homophobic lying buffoon who has been repeatedly caught out using lies to sway public opinion

I had to look twice to make sure this wasn’t a Trump article.


Some kind of weird licensing arrangement like the Sony/Marvel Spiderman thing lets both exist at once. Somebody somewhere makes money so it’s fine, even if the public doesn’t really need two of them.


Soon we’ll be able to use a boilerplate form, and just press a function key to fill in name, country and title at publication time. Think of the time-saving for hard-working journalists.


And In 5 . . 4 . .3 . . 2 . . 1, we’ll have someone posting "Corbyn is an antisemite!’

No, he isn’t.


Corbyn himself though? The shine seems to have come off completely. His net approval rating (-45%) is worse than lame duck May’s (-36%), well down from the +4% he was at just under two years ago - at least based on one poll. He continues to refuse backing a second referendum, which I think is the big reason things have fallen apart there. And whether warranted or not, there is a strong view even among Labour voters that Corbyn won’t tackle anti-semitism within the party. My guess is that if Labour did win the election, Corbyn would not last long as PM.


Like clock work! ^^^



See “boilerplate” comment above…


Not if Boris doesn’t bring is down first.

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(Yeah, that’s what I tried to indicate with “arrows.”)


We may as well just get on with replying “comment#37” etc, just to save time…


Is the Queen allowed to cut off his head?


One would certainly hope so.

Did my post say he was an anti-semite? No, it did not. I said

I don’t think Corbyn is an anti-semite himself, but even left-leaning publications such as the Guardian have covered doubts about Corbyn’s willingness or ability to fight back against anti-semitism in his own party (and I don’t just mean Jonathan Freedland opinion pieces). That perception is putting downward pressure on his approval ratings, which are undeniably pretty terrible. Personally, I think even the accusations about anti-semitism in the Labour Party are overblown (a lot of it is political e.g. being against Israeli occupation of Palestine somehow makes you an anti-semite). But as my opinion is just one of many, what matters to Corbyn’s electoral chances is what the public thinks. And I don’t think a government with such an unpopular figure at its head can last for very long. That could all change of course - Corbyn could become PM and the country could rally behind him - but does that seem realistic?


“whether warranted or not”


Not just them - he’s faced a huge amount of criticism from Pro-EU Labour Party members - this being the vast majority of Labour Party Members, for his vacillation and lukewarm opposition to the hideous mess that is the Tory Brexit.

He lost me here:

Because that was far from what was being said by the results, as Pro-EU parties did spectacularly well.