Boris Johnson may be the UK's next Prime Minister, but he's up on criminal charges for Brexit "Battle Bus" lies

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More precisely, he may face criminal charges if the hearing goes badly for him. Which I hope it does.


The only positive aspect of Boris becoming PM, is that Brexit might destroy his career too.



The Russians aren’t even trying to be sneaky any more…


I presume the idea is in fact to punish him, but people like that are immune to “punishment of responsibility”. He didn’t care then, doesn’t care now, and will cheerfully lead the UK into apocalypse if it means more screen time for him. Worst case scenario for him, he takes his family fortune and flounces off to Sochi.


I’m going with some version of option 4 because these weasels are great at weaselling out of responsibility.

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Since he is not the brightest bulb in the lampshop and has so far always choked when confronted with his bullshit the chances are good. He is like a discount version of the Orange Bastard, a collossal bullshitter, but he lacks the OBs unapologetic audacity. When somebody calls him out on his nonsense he most of the time kinda crumbles unlike OB who just doubles down on the insanity.


Johnson isn’t by any means dumb though, he speaks several languages for one thing. This blustering buffoon act is just that and it’s what makes the thought of him being PM so worrying.


Serious question: does Eton produce even one vaguely decent person for every 10 monstrous, necrochoirophiliac assholes it unleashes on the world?


I think they only accept larval and pupal stage monsters, in the first place. There’s an entrance exam and everything.



My god, Boris hasn’t aged a day!


Scrolling down the list they just might make the ratio, surprisingly.

Maybe somebody with time on their hands could make some sort of ranking (assuming there isn’t one already). I’d suggest bonus points for chaps like George Orwell or Hugh Laurie to make up for the Bor8s Johnsons among them.


There hasn’t been four Prime Ministers to a General Election since the 19th century…

The next General Election in the UK is scheduled for May 2022. We don’t seem to be able to get these people to do anything useful, but we can at least try for the record while they are there. Having Boris (ugh) means we get a PM where charges are already under way.


Yes, plenty of them. You just mostly hear from the assholes, as usual.

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The de Pfeffels are German, apparently, although he also has Turkish and Russian Jewish heritage.

He’s a political chameleon, charlatan, liar, and professional buffoon, but as said below/above (it’s hard to tell), he’s no fool.
And infinitely brighter than tRump.


Boris is certainly not stupid. He is intellectually dishonest and lazy but not stupid.

I do have to flag up the very Anglo-Saxon viewpoint that his ability to speak several languages is somehow evidence of his intelligence…


I’m not convinced that’s so. This is the man, remember, who as Foreign Secretary had to be stopped by the British ambassador from reciting Kipling’s “Mandalay” in the most sacred Buddhist temple in Burma. He managed to get out these lines, slightly misquoted:

… the temple-bells they say:
"Come you back, you British soldier …

which was more than a tad insensitive, considering the three Anglo-Burmese Wars and the consequent incorporation of Burma into the Raj.

Fortunately he was stopped before he got to this bit:

Bloomin’ idol made o’ mud—
⁠What they called the Great Gawd Budd—

The man may be educated, but he’s also an idiot.


Both Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and I are, to some extent, Anglo-Saxon, and from that frame of reference the fact that he is fluent in three languages (French, Italian, Latin) and passable in a few more (German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish) points to an excellent education that is well utilised.

He was an American until the US’s tentacle-like tax laws wanted a slice of his pie.

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