Watch: Boris Johnson pretends to apologize for being a hypocrite

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Rules are for thee, not for me.


“Sorry you caught us, peons. Next time your betters will be more careful.”


I am so, so, so sorry that I got caught.


Is there some sort of strange political advantage in having a haircut that can frighten young children? I mean Trump tried that, but… damn.


‘They were careless people, Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.’


He plays the fool masterfully. It’s an affectation. He has defused many tense situations by just being this affable-seeming jackass.


The question for me is whether or not the economic news is bad enough already that contenders really, really don’t want the poisoned chalice or whether they think that it can all be blamed on “Boris” and they will come up smelling of roses.
My personal guess is that the serious contenders would all much rather see Boris twisting in the wind, and they all secretly suspect that the next election may be a bloodbath whoever is in charge. But they may not actually get that choice; it’s entirely possible that Boris himself might finally find the revolver with the single bullet that was put in his desk drawer about a year ago. Then again, he’s so stupid that he might not have realised there’s a drawer in his desk.


Don’t you have to be charming to work the charming asshole grift?


It’s part of the persona of “Boris Johnson” that Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson plays. It works wonders at ingratiating him with all walks of life. Makes him seem bumbling and unthreatening.

Don’t be deceived, this is a sociopath who knows exactly what he is doing.

If you have the time, this is the most illuminating thing on the man I have ever read, but be sure to read it to the end.


The Mayor from “Jaws”. Good lord.

Another good article examining how de Pfeffel’s clown show works:


Boris is not stupid in the least, his whole act is very clever, but he has a massive caucus and a lot of them are in very marginal seats so if it looks like enough of them are going to lose their seats they’ll give him the old heave-ho.
The Murdoch press, however will go into full-on campaign mode for the Tories if they think Labour has even a sniff of a chance at winning the next election.


They will switch for the next Tony Blair, which is why Peter Mandelson is trying to guide Keir Starmer into filling that role.


Something to look forward to then.


The truth is not in that man.


Like an attack of shingles…


At the moment they are blaming all negative economic impacts on Covid but the excuse is wearing thin

The new barriers to trade with the EU are starting to bite, especially exports and the city is bleeding badly,

Fisherman and farmers are next in line, lost they natural market, lost EU subsidies and bracing for impact once the trade agreement with Australia starts to come into place. And they can count themselves lucky the US is not interested in signing a trade agreement at the moment.

The problem is that the UK imports about 45% of the food it needs, mostly from the EU and in terms of fruit and veg in winter months it can be as much as 80%. For what I hear, UK customs officials are prioritising “flow over compliance” to make sure the gaps in the supermarket shelves don’t get any worse, but this is unsustainable

There are 2 million job vacancies, most of them cannot be filled by british employees and since end of freedom of movement with the EU it has been very difficult to fill them, if this continues for long the economy will have to contract further to destroy them.

yeah, its going to be fun!


It’s approaching the earliest time where ambitious Tories can sharpen their knives and start the gutter-fight that is a leadership battle.

It’s telling that Sunak was almost as far from London as it’s possible to be in England yesterday - and carefully cancelled all pre-arranged interviews with local TV (But not their cameras filming him at a MedTech company in a huge expansion drive) - Thus keeping Alex’s stench away.

With inflationary pressures, energy prices souring, a tax rise in April, and even the Brexit-cultist media beginning to wake to the horrendous mess it is, I don’t think Al is long for the role - but then all of those issues remain for the next Old Etonian millionaire to “have a go”.

@PartTimeZombie - He’s not stupid - but massively lazy and easily bored - which will be his downfall - along with the pathological lying or course.

It would now seem that a “bunkering” has occurred.

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He is, however, also a fucking fool.

The last few years have shown beyond reasonable doubt that as long as one is born into enough privilege, it is possible for people incapable of semi-complex thought to rise to very high office indeed.
Zero correlation with success, hard work, money and intelligence - in fact, possible negative correlation.