Crowd boos Boris "Leave" Johnson as he leaves his home

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Well, that cheered me up. Can we extend this behaviour to, well, pretty much every politician we have? I’d like that. Needs more cowbell/pots and pans, maybe, but I’m not fussy.


It never ceases to amaze me that Johnson - possibly the most self-centred and selfish politician we have even including John Mann, who never opens his mouth except to pursue his own interest - is so popular with the “patriotic” party.

[edit - forgot Liam Fox, how could I?]


If you’re feeling particularly charitable, you could almost feel sorry for Johnson. He campaigned for Brexit in a calculated, purely political move to shore up support with grassroots Eurosceptic Tories. But if you’ve followed his career you’ll know he never actually wanted Britain to leave.He couldn’t hide his devastation during his “victory” speech. And now, as heir presumptive to Cameron, he will have to lead a Britain which will almost certainly break up, leaving behind an economically crippled and irrelevant England itself riven by bitter and hateful divides exposed by the referendum.

For all his bumbling, Latin-quoting and quick-quipping buffoonery, this is a Machiavellian operator who has contributed to the break-up of the country he presumably loves. He deserves not just boos.

I’d find it funny but unfortunately I live here and instead vacillate between depression and terror because of the chaos that’s been unleashed by a referendum that was treated by the voters as a protest vote.


It seems to be a winning formula throughout history.


Same. But for myself I’d need to add mindless wide eyed hysteria to the depression and terror.


Cameron had no excuse for not knowing, since MEP elections have always been protest votes.

I feel as if, after years of decline, we had slowly been moving forward as a country and beginning to look as if a modern progressive democracy was semi-possible, only to run into a brick wall of elderly white xenophobes. Oh well, now they’ve served their purpose their winter fuel allowance and their bus passes can be abolished, and council social service provision for the elderly can be cut. The public funding deficit will soon start to reduce once the mortality rate among the over-70s increases.
The OAPs in Spain have already realised that reciprocal healthcare agreements are going to go.
That’s part of the fantasy £350 million a week that went to Brussels (nearer £100 million actually.)

I don’t think there is room in his mind for love of anything but Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.


But if we’re lucky, the Conservatives will give us the wonderful Theresa May as PM instead, as a ‘unifying’ candidate (unified against her, hopefully). Who doesn’t love police states?

Or Priti Patel, and we can have another referendum, this time on reintroducing the death penalty.


Personally I can’t wait until he’s challenged on when he’s going to commit to the £350m pledge that was plastered to the bus he was driving around the country for the past few weeks.

He’ll dodge & dive as politicians always do, but after he does that follow up with an innocent question about whether
A) he’s someone who doesn’t understand the implicit promise in that statement
B) someone who didn’t actually check this or
C) some kind of blank eyed shark seeking power for it’s own sake.

Whilst he does his comedy fluster schtick ask him which of these type of person should be allowed anywhere near the levers of power? May be he can ask experts about it…


So why campaign FOR IT? Same for all the people now expressing regret that they voted FOR IT. If it’s not what they wanted, then why support it, simply to garner support from a wing of his party?


How quaint. The citizens in the UK can actually get within booing distance of the politicians. Here in the US, the “free speech” zones are usually many miles away from the people who should hear protests.


Fuck, don’t even joke about it. I shudder to think what would happen if we went around asking what people thought about shit like that…


Pretty much, aye.


So, we can assume that they are lying about not actually supporting it, or that they really don’t care about the consequences of their actions.


Now that’s the jackpot question. Little bit from column A, little bit from column B, probably.


Johnson has a track record of making shit up (why the Times fired him) and being an utterly unprincipled git.

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As quoth Samuel Johnson; “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”


Excellent ‘wan-kaah’ at 0:35.


So just who are these dozens of booing people? Are they just ordinary citizens who happened to be passing by in their yellow vests? Or are they maybe his political opponents? I’m a Yank, so I don’t suppose it matters to me, but still.

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