How Boris Johnson's "model bus hobby" non sequitur manipulated the public discourse and his search results

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This is the evidence that will finally sink Boris, he’s an unmitigated bore/boor/boar.

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Finally, on June 25, Johnson gave a bizarre interview with Talkradio in which he announced, apropos of nothing, that he liked to turn wine-crates into models of buses: “I have a thing where I make models of buses. What I make is, I get old, I don’t know, wooden crates, and I paint them. It’s a box that’s been used to contain two wine bottles, right, and it will have a dividing thing. And I turn it into a bus.”

So this is why we have to wait 4 weeks for Trump’s “solution” to the busing issue in the States! Why didn’t I realize it sooner?


I have to wonder if the domestic violence thing wasn’t also an example of the dead cat gambit. The media have all been talking about that, not Brexit, since it’s happened, so he’s replaced a disastrous policy with a personal peccadillo.


Yeah, it’s taking us all a good time to wake up to just what a dick BJ is. A clever dick, but a dick nonetheless.

He sees, like Trump, all this as a big game, where manipulation and deceit are regular tools of the trade and completely fair game.

Politicians. They shouldn’t be allowed run countries.


Assholes Assemble!

Stephen Harper: Far From Home.


This is such a brilliant example of political search engine optimization that it’s hard to believe someone as buffoonish as Johnson would be capable of pulling it off intentionally.

Most likely the brainchild of (Sir) Lynton Crosby*, the Australian political strategist and Johnson’s “close personal friend”. Despite not playing an official role within the campaign team, the two “talk every day”.

*to be filed alongside Murdoch in “Australian exports we all wish had just bloody stayed there”


And before that was the Boris Bus


One correction: Bojo has been quiet to all reporters and all but one of the debates for this whole campaign. It’s as if his advisors were saying to him “Your mouth is a liability. Keep it shut until you’re elected.”

From the look of things, his whole campaign has seemingly hinged on the short memories and even shorter attention spans of the 160,000 or so Conservative party members who will shortly decide the fate of the UK (pop. 63+ million). As long as most of these guys only examine him just deeply enough to think “He’s funny…”, he’s a shoe-in.


When you’re a high-ranking politician, you don’t need to be clever, you merely need to be able to repeat what the clever people you employ tell you.

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The transatlantic similarities are striking. Except that while Boris is a nasty politician pretending to be an idiot, Trump is a nasty idiot pretending to be a politician.


Most of the things in Australia that want to kill you have the decency to stay there.

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Oh, if only he were.

But homonyms are great and he is also a boor. (And maybe boar, too, but that would be unfair to boars.)

ETA @Purplecat - I may steal that one. Very accurate.

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Sadly I already awarded today’s internet to someone else, but you’d have had it otherwise. And my keyboard already died as a mouthful of liquid sprayed all over it, so I cannot blame you for that too.

Boris and the rest of the Tories have decades of experience with this kind of douchebaggery.

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Alas, the alternatives are usually warlords, harder to bribe because they can just shoot you. Pols are safer.

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We might think differently after watching Trump’s July 4th event.

Glamorizing military. Befriending murderous dictators.

He continues on his quest to draw violently inclined, martial individuals from among the population and celebrate them - to identify and promote them.

He’s seeking his SS troops, and boy are they there. Who, honestly, knew it was this bad?!