Poison tentacle grows from a pile of mercury thiocyanate


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when i was a kid there were these little fireworks pill-shaped pellets you could light and they did that, except the tentacles were grayish black. not too toxic i hope … ?


Snakes! We glued them to the crotches of Ken dolls and pure hilarity ensued.



Depends on how long ago you were a kid. The current ones don’t use this chemistry and are more similar to this:


Am I the only one who wondered if Giger ever saw these?


I specifically came to write this! We all had such enchanting childhoods. :innocent:


I remember being a very cross three year old when said object did not produce a real snake for me to keep as a pet. Life is a meaningless void filled with disappointment.


Actually, no.


At 0:58 there is a super cool tendril that starts climbing out the back of the snake after it tips over:


i have evangelical relatives who will confidently declare that this is evidence of the Devil and proof that there is a spiritual war going on RIGHT NOW!


The first scientist who discovered this effect must have shat himself mightily.


Sort of like upside down 3D printing


Can’t wait to start a poison tentacle shop. Gonna go high-rent. Wish me luck and send live snake transformation ideas.


i foresee a public share float…mega bucks coming !!


I’m sure Goldman Sachs will find a way to use it for economic terrorism!


Yeah, we did this when I took chemistry.
Did the whole thing … dissolved the mercury in nitric acid, as I recall …
I think we had sodium thiocyanate as a reagent. Collected the milky precipitate in a Büchner funnel.

Anyway, we lit the things under the fume hood. Definitely the fume hood. Good times.


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