Polar bear got lost in Russia, hundreds of miles from home [video, photo]

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/04/17/polar-bear-got-lost-in-russia.html

“Environmentalists say the bear could have lost its bearings while drifting on an ice floe.”

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Probably just the jet lag.


I love how the camera scans the crowd just before retreating, no doubt calculating “which ones can I outrun?”


The Polar Bear comes every Spring for the Human sacrifice, it’s just doing what they trained it to do.


Is Russian bear. My Rubles on fact bear was drunk. Go home, bear, yous drunks.

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My guess is that it was adopted as a cub as an exotic pet, and then abandoned when it got too big. Scratch it under it’s chin and tell it it’s a good boy and it will roll right over.
You first.

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I imagine Russian social media is now full Chukchi jokes pertaining to this event.


In polar Russia, something something, Russian bear loses you.

Given that there will be a huge debate over whether this is a climate change thing:

“In Soviet Russia, bear polarizes YOU!”


I sympathize.

My time in math class convinced me that cartesian bears have a much easier world to navigate than polar bears do.

This one is probably either looking for a couple of pies or heading for the fertile crescent to hunt for sumerians to punish for inflicting sexagesimal usages on posterity.

Update: Turns out he had just taken a couple of Ambien the night before, so he could get a good night’s rest before the big seal hunt the next day.
He started sleepwalking, and things got out of control.

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“I saw this walrus, and he told me to take a left at Albuquerque.”

Hopefully can meet a nice Russian lady, get married, have some kids, replenish the dwindling Polar bear bloodline in the Russian population.

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