Polar Vortex


Pretty cold in the Northwest as well …


Well, when we’re destroying the habitat of Polar Vortices through climate change and the melting of the Arctic ice cap, it shouldn’t be surprising when they start showing up further and further south.


Someone needs to tell the Vortices the story of the north wind and the sun…You can’t just blow the stupid of of climate deniers, that just makes them cling tighter, and bring snowballs to the senate floor. Let the sun cook 'em a bit and remind them what they’re signing up for…


Let’s build a wall!


And make the bears pay for it!


Unintended consequences…


Just drove a long distance home through it, after eating dinner with a table full of people making fun of climate change because “it’s so much colder this year, and climate change can’t explain that”.

I enjoyed the nerve-wracking drive home, because it meant I didn’t have to listen to such drivel anymore.


Using HAARP technology for the Global Magnet Sky weapon to make the wall!



On the bright side I woke up this morning to a white almost-Christmas. Well, almost white. More of a dusting, really, but more snow than we’re accustomed to this time of year.

Whar disturbs me though is that it felt like early September when I went to bed last night.


Aye, it’s been warmer in north east Eangland recently than it was at the beginning of bloody May.


So you’re the Grinch who stole our good weather?

I’ve shoveled more snow already this year than I did in the prior 2 winters. :angry:

PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, OR, United States (KPDX) 45-35N 122-36W 7M Jan 03, 2017 - 11:53 PM EST / 2017.01.04 0453 UTC Wind: from the E (090 degrees) at 30 MPH (26 KT) gusting to 37 MPH (32 KT):0 Visibility: 10 mile(s):0 Sky conditions: clear Temperature: 27.0 F (-2.8 C) Windchill: 10 F (-12 C):1 Dew Point: 10.9 F (-11.7 C) Relative Humidity: 50% Pressure (altimeter): 30.12 in. Hg (1019 hPa) ob: KPDX 040453Z 09026G32KT 10SM CLR M03/M12 A3012 RMK AO2 PK WND 09036/0354 SLP200 T10281117 cycle: 5

Temperature 27°F, wind AT LEAST thirty miles per hour :fearful:


Around here, we call that “normal.” It is January, after all.


Yup. It’s already warmed up to 13ºF, “feels like” -4ºF with the Wind Chill Factor, winds are only 17 mph but there’s a gale warning in effect until noon. Just a normal winter day in January in the Midwest!


We’re in the middle of a winter warm-up up here.

It’s going all the way up to 0ºC (32ºF) today, with winds of 20-30 kph (12-18mph), feeling like -4ºC (25ºF). Tonight, it’s going down to -11ºC (12ºF), feeling like -20ºC (-12ºF).

Next week, it’s going to drop closer to normal: highs of -7ºC (21ºF) and lows of -17ºC (0ºF) (with winds staying about the same, so it’ll feel a bit colder).

I hope that cold weather lasts. I want to skate on the Canal, but it’s not open yet.


Currently experiencing the largest snowstorm to hit Portland since 2008, seems we’re pushing towards a solid foot of the fluffy white stuff.


I remember that.

According to the National Weather Service, this was the worst winter storm to hit the Portland metropolitan region since 1968. This prolonged winter storm brought to the region extremely cold temperatures, strong winds, freezing rain, sleet, snow showers, and heavy accumulations of snow and ice on streets and highways. Driving conditions were treacherous throughout the first 11 days of the storm, with just a few breaks of warming for a few hours.


“First 11 days of the storm” :fearful:


Meanwhile, in Detroit:

…but global climate change is a hoax.


Yup…it’s been rainy and in the 40’s (F) for days now in Chicago. A lot of people aren’t even bothering with coats other than a light rain jacket.

And we don’t even need the rain the way some parts of the country do.


It was below freezing this morning when I left the house, so I wore my winter coat, but I’ll be a roastin’ in it this afternoon!

Yeah, we’re not really hurting for precipitation, on average. Sideways rain on January 10 just isn’t right this far north.