Police apparently shoot dog for no reason

This story from Alternet really upsets me. I hope the courts get to the bottom of it. Citing an “Expert Report,” Green claims that "video surveillance footage from the Green family residence revealed the absence of any charging, lunging or showing of teeth by the dog Grady and instead showed the dog Grady seeking 'greater… READ THE REST

Shouldn’t it be “Police shoot dog for no apparent reason”? Do they dispute they shot him?

“Sorry, m’am - but apparently we shot your dog.”

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“We shot your dog so we could come up on your porch and tell you it was off its chain and waiting by your front door.”

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In this particularly violent gang, a right of passage is to shoot a friendly, non-hostile animal. Later on, the gang member will pass another milestone when they do the same with a human. In all cases, this gang enjoys special immunity to prosecution for these crimes.


A similar incident just recently happened here in Buffalo. In this instance it was a case of the police raiding the wrong apartment and shooting a dog that was chained up in the apartment’s kitchen.

The police shot the dog because they hated him for his freedom.

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seriously, this happens ALL the time. cops just shoot dogs. i’ve seen or heard about this happening literally dozens of times.

What you do in a case like this (and most police abuse cases) isn’t sue the police department. You file a civil suit against the individual officer. Sure, it may be considered trying to get blood out of a turnip, but it has far more reaching effects for the guilty party. Simply getting the officer reprimanded with a month’s paid leave does nothing. If he has to pay for his lawyer he’s pretty much looking forward to bankruptcy…

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