Police discover over 10,000 endangered tortoises jammed into one small house


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I have an elaborate fantasy where authorities flood the market with really good fakes, perhaps doctored shells from a non endangered species, or something cooked up from another kind of animal entirely. The proceeds from those sales could then be used for enforcement even as the market price is driven down.


Have you ever smelled reptile piss? Have you?



I got all hopeful that someone had hoarded some significant percentage of an almost vanished population. Actually almost ten thousand out of 3 million. Still, to have 0.33% of the planet’s available living biomass of species XYZ is pretty cool.

Bet they were selling them and not breeding them out of the goodness of their hearts (sounds like some awful neglect). That 9000 or so are headed back to the wild mb is my silver lining and I am going to never check this thread again and hope for the best.




Turtles all the way down, literally.

(And not in a good way.)


It’s the irradiated tortoises that you really have to worry about.



Came here for photos of a lot of turtles in a house, was not disappointed.


Ain’t humans just special, we fuck up every goddam living creature on earth for fun or profit. Wouldn’t it be great to find a tortoise community somewhere with 10,000 capitalists shoved in shithole of turtle piss and a for sale sign hung over them. YEAH, I know there’s no market but fuck it, I’d still like to see it.


Why not fake, explosive shells, set to go off after a random period of time? Should make the trade somewhat less attractive


I think we should sell them like they do mice…to feed to the predator species.


The smuggling of rare and endangered species is a massive business in Madagascar and top politicians are allegedly involved. Conservationists have resorted to carving identification numbers into the shells of tortoises.




There may be notable exceptions, but “don’t try stuff from Breaking Bad in real life” isn’t a bad rule to follow.


It’ll suck your will to live right out’a you.


Poor babies!


Some people buy gold, others buy bitcoin. And others…


It’s all a shell game.


to the fourth?



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10 THOUSAND TORTOISES INSIDE ONE HOME?‽ Holy Moly! I wish I could rescue one or two…