Police just made history's biggest drug seizure: 15 tons worth US$1.12 billion

And 45 sees both groups as loyal fans rather than deadly threats.

That’s enough drugs for a massive rager that would last a three day weekend at Charlie Sheen’s mansion.

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Meaning someone got their hands on a used tablet making machine and they just have to go with the matrices of whatever it was used for before, I suppose?


Fenethylline came back again in the news during the half of the 10s, thanks to the spread of a new drug, improperly labeled as Captagon, which was used by middle-eastern warriors who took part in several wars forming part of the so-called “Arab Spring”. Such product, different in composition to the original drug, is a cocktail of substances used as an anesthetic-dissociative drug by ISIS jihadists and guerrilla fighters of Al-Nursa and FSA. This drug is a blending of stimulants, antibiotics and vasodilators, consisting in a combination of methamphetamine, ephedrine, metronidazole, caffeine, theophylline, chlorphenamine, procaine, trimethoprim, chloroquine and quinine. The physical effects produced are: increase in heart rate, body temperature, respiration rate and blood pressure. From the psychological point of view those included euphoria, alienation, loss of the sense of hunger, sleep and fatigue. These effects, which are sought by the guerrillas to fight, present dangerous side effects in the long term, which include lethargy, depression, insomnia, malnutrition and severe vascular toxicity, with ischemic and hemorrhagic consequences.


15 tons?! That’s almost as much that’s disappeared from PD property/evidence storage rooms! :smiling_imp:

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I’m sure that there’s no connection.


Isn’t this more of a payment upon delivery type of business?

Can’t have a glass of Chardonnay but can get wired on goofballs?

I’m sure that a bunch of people are about to die in some criminal organization for this, but that is pretty much the beginning and the end of the effect. You will still be able to go out and buy whatever drugs you want on the street. The only thing a shipment getting seized does is make the current supply even more dangerous for the users as it gets stepped on by drug dealers. No one is going to wake up, try and get drugs, and fail because the government got them all.

Someone wasted millions of dollars in police action making the drug trade more violent, increasing the profit margin of the drug trade, and absolutely no citizens had their lives improved in any shape or form.

Well, there are good people on both sides. Really.
Btw, looking for a good deal on a used monument?

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For all the good it might have done to keep those drugs out of people’s hands, it’s bound to have a negative effect on the economy: legal or illegal, monetary transactions keep the economy going.

I thought this thing was usually distributed in inner cities for cash to fund illegal wars in south america?

No? Only in the USA?


It’s a big delivery and it’s not like they are going to exchange pallets of cash. When selling in bulk you want the money first.

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