Police kill driver who rammed car into Chinese Consulate in San Francisco (video)

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  1. The security guards worked to de-escalate the situation.
  2. The police arrived on the scene.
  3. The suspect was involved in a terminal ballistic situation. :roll_eyes:

seems to be a little gap in the reporting here between the security guards containing the man and the cops arriving to finish him off.


Yike. Honestly shocked they don’t have bollards in front of the door. Probably will now?


The building goes all the way up to the narrow sidewalk, so the only way they could really fit bollards in would be if they put them in the street, thus depriving diplomats of a very convenient parking space.


They could possibly put some sort of steel reinforcement in those lion statues guarding the door.

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Sure, they could. I don’t think most consulate buildings in San Francisco are especially well-fortified though. For example, this is what the former Iranian consulate building looks like:

Local consulates often don’t get the same kind of security afforded to the embassies in D.C.


Ooph! What a weird and wonky roofline.

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I’d say they started out symmetrical and then either expanded the left side or ran out of money building the right side.


They skipped leg roof day?

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The contractor said they’d be back next week to finish everything, but…

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I met the Polish consulate, who is normally in Chicago, in a church in St Louis. So, yeah, pretty low key. (Was trying to get my kiddo dual citizenship. Didn’t work :frowning: )

But TBF Poland doesn’t have the same rhetoric against them like China and Iran do. Though at the same time, I guess having external fortifications would look bad - reinforce negative attitudes.


That sounds like a spy novel. :sunglasses:

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Where ‘them’ refers to …Chicagoans? Or the kid couldn’t get out of being on the board of an Evanston HOA, and e’ybody know that’s how people get evil…

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