Man arrested after trying to ram through FBI gates in Atlanta (video)

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Glad no one was hurt.

I half-expected to see one of those “Thin Blue Line” flag stickers on the back of the SUV.


my spidey sense says it it some disgruntled MAGAt who thinks this would stop the Georgia election interference case againts tRump.
or, maybe i need to tighten my tinfoil cap, but some people! i like the “reverse trap door” barrier that pops up and he crashed into. hehee! FAFO!


I assume that it was a hasty plan b, after tailgating failed; but I have to imagine that trying to ram your way through FBI vehicle gates is a sucker’s game at this point.

The feds have been jumpy, with reason, about the potential of vehicle ramming attacks(either on their own or to get a vehicle bomb closer to target); for at least a couple of decades now and stopping something SUV sized is not exactly an intractable engineering problem when you’ve got a suitably well defined area to cover(CISA’s most recent overview is 2014 a roundup of several hundred active barrier products dates from the same time).

There’s not a whole lot anyone has been able to do about the fact that someone with nonspecific tastes in casualties can pretty much always find an overlap between traffic and pedestrians to work with; but that’s very different from making sure that the gate on a gated entrance isn’t mostly ceremonial.

(edit: it actually goes back a little further than I thought. The Department of State had SD-STD-02.01 back in 1985, not entirely sure why they didn’t have some DoD thing to borrow, perhaps the aesthetic concerns of the sorts of neighborhoods that get embassies. ASTM took that job over with ASTM F2656-07.)


Indeed; Unless you’ve managed to steal a bloody tank I think, that particular barrier is going to be a show stopper for most things- because at that point, it’s called “Stop the vehicle regardless of how much damage gets done to it”.


Especially an agency that has preventing terrorism as part of their day job. I imagine this did not go as the driver thought it would go. I’d be happier to not have the violence, but I’d rather they hurt themselves on gates than shoot up the local pizza joint looking for the basement.


I suspect that the FBI wouldn’t be too interested in indulging my curiosity; but I’d be a bit curious whether the tank would help.

I remember reading(edit: found where I remembered reading it: FEMA 430 has an “Innovative Barrier Systems” section (4.6) after their discussion of common passive and active barriers in the previous two sections.) about the adoption of the concept behind soft ground/compressible aircraft arrestor systems used at the end of runways to smaller vehicles to deal with the fact that, even post-9/11, there wasn’t unlimited patience for egregiously ugly fortress architecture in public spaces: various spins on putting collapsible foam blocks under a concrete slab rated for whatever was supposed to be there; but intended to crack and allow the foam to be crushed if something significantly heavier tried to move across it.

Requires more room than just throwing bollards at the problem; but allowed truck traps to be much more tastefully integrated into fairly normal looking urban open space.

I suspect that tanks aren’t the intended threat; but given how much more massive they are than the intended traffic they’d probably be vulnerable to the technique.


Indeed those times seem to have passed. A new hospital near me has military style gabion walls (heavy wire mesh holding rocks).


Really, bruh? You think the FBI isn’t prepared for a Rogue Nissan?


It looks like it would be about 1000x easier to just jump the curb, go over the grass, and crash through the fence at any random location then to try and get through that ramp barrier. Of course, our super genius suspect here may not have been aware of the barrier until it was too late…

If you’re going to hit that barrier at high speed though, I know a couple of guys from Georgia that would love to take a run on it:


A lot of sensitive buildings have anti-tank barriers as well. They are usually disguised as planters and such.


Gosh where could he have got the idea to do that?


Worse. Star Wars movie. Ever.


I did enjoy Nissan taking on the Empire though.


The hidden, anti-gate-ramming, popup reverse ramp, really paid for itself in one application.


Hermione idiot


Looks like he got through the gate? Or was it partly open? That ramp trap sure works well.


FWIW, they pretty much wrecked a car for every jump you saw in that show, at least until they started having problems getting more of that model, at which point they started re-using footage or using scale models for the more ludacris stunts, like jumping over houses.


The word that you’re looking for is “ludicrous”.

Ludacris is a rapper.


That pop up barrier is clever! I never would have suspected it, either.