Police militarization is objectively bad for police and for society, according to science

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/07/06/police-militarization-is-objec.html


So say we all.



Is that image Robert Peel?

Sir Robert Mark.

Isn’t it Edward James Olmos playing Admiral Adama in “Battlestar Gallactica”?


PNAS did a general audience commentary about Mummolo’s article. I think the title of it highlights how ingrained some of the problems are. The phrase “more security” is used to describe more militarized policing. In so many ways the heart of the issue is that “security” (as in security forces) is often at odds with security (as in people being secure and safe). The language used to describe the police/military is so implicitly full of positive reference, though, that it makes unbiased discussion really difficult

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