Police officer charged, tried and sentenced for unlawful killing



But I am sure he felt threatened by the elk… and the elk probably wouldn’t have died had it not been overweight and had asthma…


Its fur looks pretty dark, too. Like a demon.


I saw the video from earlier that day. That elk was nothing but a savage; an animal. You were not there, and if Officer Carter was confronted by that creature (probably hopped up on crabapples) he used the appropriate force for the situation - just like all cops are trained to do. We should look at who raised this Elk and stop pointing fingers at our boys in blue.


Are you saying that these people were seriously misguided?

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Elk: charged, tried, sentenced
Young Black man: ???


Here’s the thing I don’t get: In this case, everybody agrees that Officer Carter’s actions were contrary to the department’s policies and procedures. In the Ferguson case, the grand jury decided that Officer Wilson’s actions were in line with the department’s policies and procedures. If the only difference here is whether or not the officer was following the rules, then maybe we’re looking at the wrong thing in the Ferguson case and other similar cases?

Maybe the question shouldn’t be “is the officer a bad person”, but rather, “what are the policies and procedures that allow these things to happen, and how can they be changed to improve things?”


It wasn’t a black elk, you see. Bad officer, bad officer

In fairness, it’s quite hard to kill a Black Elk:

(Lived through the Battle of the Little Big Horn AND the Wounded Knee Massacre)


I doubt that several months in prison is purely symbolic to the person going to prison, and even if it were, a symbolic gesture saying “We do not tolerate on duty police officers poaching tame wildlife in our neighborhoods with their service weapons.” is helpful to the community. A bad cop in the prison yard would be as vulnerable as that elk eating crab apples on the front lawn, and it is truly disappointing that he will not experience that vulnerability.


I’m pretty sure it was seen stealing some grass, too.

That judge is smokin crack. Every sentence is symbolic despite being primarily sought to (supposedly) serve the best interests of community/society.

So all this dipshit did was create a symbol representing the ability of police to avoid rehabilitative & punitive sentencing even on the rare occasion that they face prosecution & are found guilty.

10 to one this cop finds a way to turn his community service into something he already enjoys or will benefit from financially.

Look at my avatar, it’s what he did. He first got into his vaunted gig of coaching underprivileged football squads as fulfillment of his terms for community service as conditions for his drug plea deal / DUI deferment. He then used that coaching as a political wedge & crutch at every turn.

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Even dog killing cops get charged:

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