Police pursue naked man through streets of Pittsburgh




'forced to use a Taser'

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Chin up, look both ways please.


I fucking hate tasers. The bullshit claim that they're only used in situations where otherwise officers would have had to use lethal force - tasers are the way cops deliver a beatdown without inciting Rodney King grade riots, and I'm sick of it


Well of course they did. He was threatening them... with his... gun.


Just once, I'd love to see someone really tear into a police statement for a situation like this in an interview.

'So, the naked, unarmed man who was no threat to your officers and was moving away from them... forced them to use a weapon on him that caused his unprotected body to uncontrollably drop onto concrete at running speeds? This was really their only option?'

Sadly, the answer would probably be that they wanted to stop him from putting himself in danger by running across intersections..


What is SO AWFUL about being naked anyway?!
HE WAS BORN THAT WAY. Maybe it's a tribal custom.



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The citizens of Pittsburgh should be grateful the police did not use actual firearms to accidentally shoot bystanders.


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