Police recover car stolen from senior couple, then try to auction it


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I’m glad that was resolved but i’m not sure how i feel about a couple of that age driving.


Some people of that age are sufficiently impaired that they ought not to be driving themselves; others are still sharp as tacks and are fine. YMMV; not knowing if this couple had a track record of problems, I’m inclined to give the benefit of the doubt until they decide to not drive any more or driving is contraindicated.


Perhaps the PD were banking on the couple being dotty and incapable of fending for themselves to retrieve their vehicle. Who knows, maybe the PD have a habit of ripping off senior citizens for their own gain.


For sure being able to transport yourself is very essential. Relying on someone else to drive you around would be annoying and not entirely feasible i imagine.

Anyway, in relation to the story at hand i really can’t believe that the police would try to auction off the recovered vehicle. There’s a chance that they did get in touch with them and told them to pick it up, but with their age you definitely have to go the extra mile and being kind and helpful. Seems like the exact opposite happened here.


Normally I might agree with you but in this case it’s simply a matter of bureaucratic ineptitude. CO Springs is still small-town enough that the local Barney Fife’s don’t intentionally screw over old people.


I’m sure you know the town better than I do, but in my experience, smaller towns are often plagued with precisely this sort of petty and cruel officer. It’s been well document that officers with histories of procedural infractions get shuffled from one department to the next, often working their way down the payscale to small towns like mine (pop. 3500) that have to take anyone who will apply.


Unsure how I feel about anyone under 40 driving.


I sell car insurance, among other things, and the price goes way up after 75 or 80. Insurance companies don’t have feelings, they have statistics.


Hell I don’t want to be driving. Looking forward to self-driving cars.


At least the police went easier on Mary & Clyde’s car than they did on Bonnie & Clyde’s car.


I think the problem here is the jumping to conclusions and quasi victim blaming that’s causing offense.

Whether these people are good or bad drivers isn’t really relevant to the story.


With original period correct zip ties no less.


I agree, and my comment was pretty irrelevant.


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I’m shocked that they didn’t “find drugs” in the car and go after all their assets.


Probably a response to all the 10-year-olds climbing around in there.


Wouldn’t hold out much hope for the tape deck though. Or the Creedence.


Twin Peaks: The Return proves your point! :slight_smile:


I had my car stolen once. I suuuucckkkeed. They took every thing not nailed down, and destroyed a small window and the steering column. Mother fuckers. If they had charged me to pick up I’d have been livid.