Police ruin Christmas spirit by pulling over car carrying a massive tree


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Actually…given the size of the tree and the fact it is Sudbury it tells me two things…million dollar mcmansion with a giant ass great room for that over-sized behemoth.

getting pulled over for being stupid and rich?


I’m unreasonably amused by the still from the dashcam.


This just goes to prove that you can never have tree control.


The War on Christmas™ continues!


What kind of transmission did they have? Four on the floor, or three in the tree?


I just realized the car underneath is a Prius. Now I’m laughing slightly maniacally out loud.


Stupid rich people don’t drive Mazda 5s. They don’t even make them anymore. It was a cheap and practical car brand new, and now it’s several years old. Stupid rich people put their big floppy trees on the top of a four-door Porsche.

I wonder where he got that tree. Most places around me put in a sort of net to prevent it flopping all over the car.


I think that’s a Mazda 5 circa 2010, not a Prius.


And it goe’s without saying that their public relation’s office could use a refresher course on the rule’s of apostrophe’s. And Maybe Capitalization, Too.


So many gifs to choose from here…




I’m not seeing a problem here. Well, I can barely see a problem. . . .


Like an English sheepdog! Except a car. And a tree.


The growing Russian influence over American institutions is worrisome.

24 AM


Its our god given right to bare trees on our cars.DAMN GUBMINT GIT OFF MY LAWN


I could be wrong, but it could be even funnier – I think it’s a Forester! (I just checked the rear aspect including the two lights, high plate frame on the hatchback, and wheel wells against mine. Close match.)


You know, some officers would have given them a police escort to their destination - Christmas spirit and all that - just to prove that you can be a cop without being a dick.


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