Police seeking woman who stole butterfly from exhibit


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Your Alchemy skill has increased by +1


can get a dead, sustainably grown Menelaus blue morpho for $8 on the internets.

Kind of sad to grow and kill an insect just for art, but who am I to question.


Butterfly who stole women from exhibit still at large.



I wonder what the motivation was? Something for interesting selfie-taking? Or just plain…“Ooooh, pretty.”



Insert butterfly effect joke here


What you people don’t realize is she is a time traveler, and she was just preventing the worst Tsunami ever recorded in the Pacific.



Perhaps she was planning an escape from Devil’s Island?


1973? Jeebus, I feel old.


Every seventh wave. I remember that much at least.


PETA is getting out of hand.


Not on your side.


I thought “Butterflies Are Free.”


I read the novel, too. You think maybe she got it out of the facility using a charger?


You have out esotericed me. :face_with_monocle:


is that a tiny woman holding a moth? Or a normal sized woman on a giant moth?


How low can we go with this?



“I carried this butterfly up my ass for x number of years…”