Police sting operation busts an "illegal" nail salon

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One question remains, “If this bust took place during non-COVID-19 times, would it have been illegal?” (I am thinking cosmetology licensing.)

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Any of those salons have a law office in the back that can help?


I don’t think it’s overreach or would-be hero cops. I think they’re enforcing the regulations, which are unusual but are reasonable because there’s a pandemic going on, and it’s causing mass fatalities.

You must have heard about it; it’s been in the news.


Did they call 911 or did they call the White People’s Helpline?

Can’t say in this case, but I bet that there will be a lot of Pandemic Pats who think that an anonymous snitchline is wonderful.

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Please avoid posting content from the Washington Times.

They have clear political and ideological biases. Their comment section is also a rightwing echo chamber.


Usually a statement like this would be a polite euphemism for some other kind of service.


If only Beaumont Becky had known…

Jail terms seem like an unproductive overreaction. Where I live they would have gotten a $10k fine for a smaller scale offence like this which seems to be adequate so far to deter most small businesses from skirting the rules.


We’re complaining about business lockdowns being enforced now?

Let’s don’t do that.

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